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Rental & Leasing

YES, this amount is not debited. It is held on cardholder's bank account until the final rental charge amount is debited. The credit card must be in the name of the main driver and produced it at the time of rental. Hence, cash deposit is accepted.

Rental Agreement is the formal contract, signed by Teyseer Rent A Car and the customer (Renter) which shows the terms of the rental, details of the vehicle.

  • Car Break Down

-during our business hours you can call our rental service at(+9745592 3864 / 6689 6614)and case to case after our business hours 

  • Accident, fire, theft or any case causing damage to the car

-the renter must notify the police immediately and obtain Police  Report and Repair Permission Certificate and notify Teyseer Rent A Car within 24 hours

  • Needs Maintenance

-to speed up your visit, please call us at least 4 hours before you take the replacement vehicle

Yes, this will be a proof that you check and inspect the vehicle accordingly. In case of any damages or scratches on the vehicle, please refer to the “Accident Insurance terms & condition”

If you will rent the vehicle on a monthly basis, you have to return it on the “EXPECTED RETURN DATE” written in the rental agreement.

In case you have a traffic violation during your rental period, we will be sending you a notice and details of your violation that you have to pay in the traffic department or from us.

Mileage restrictions applies on all vehicles. (100 KM/ day)

Be aged 21 or over at the date of rental

  • YES
  • There will be no extra charge for additional driver.
  • Have a full, valid driving license for at least a year
  • All drivers must present a full and current driving license which has been held for at least 1 year. The license must be valid for use in the renting country.
  • If your license was issued outside Qatar, you must provide an International Driving License.

After Rental

QAR 500.00 will be charge for a normal key and QAR 750.00 for immobilizer keys.

  • This varies in 3 categories
  1. Return the vehicle with the same level of fuel tank:
  1. We will provide you a vehicle with a fuel of a determined level of fuel mentioned in the Rental Agreement.
  2. You MUST return the vehicle with an identical level of fuel.


  1. Return of the vehicle with a different level of fuel tank than the level of fuel tank mentioned at pick-up time (Refueling charge):
  1. If the car that is given to you is not full tank option and the vehicle is not returned with the same level of fuel to the one identified at pick-up time, you will be charged the cost of refueling charge.


  1. Full Tank Option
  1. At pick up time, you may be given a FULL TANK car by chance,you will be charge pro rata for the cost of refueling.
  2. At the end of contract lease or rental, Teyseer Car Rental will not reimburse you for any unused fuel.

Accident Insurance

  • Call the traffic department / police and don't move the car from the location of accident until the police arrives.
  • Get a police report (QRs 100.00) for insurance company and to proceed for any repairs.

The vehicle cannot be replaced without a police report, and all necessary documents and the replacement vehicle should be the same or similar vehicle if any.

  • Excesses varies on what type of vehicle you rented from us.
  • If it is your mistake or UNKNOWN ACCIDENT like: the car is just parked or someone just hit and run away, you need to pay the Excess Insurance including parts if any.
  • If the company found any cigarette burn on the seats or upholstery, or interior
  • If there are excessive stains or dirt in the interior (upholstery, carpets, ceiling, etc. of the vehicle